7 Strategies to Optimize B2C Lead Generation Paid Search Accounts

Does your business use paid search for its B2C lead generation? Online lead generation using paid search options like Google Adwords can be a tricky business. Getting a website visitor interested enough to click on your ad and then fill out a form on your website requires a highly-strategized paid search campaign. Below, you will find seven strategies to optimize B2C lead generation accounts—strategies which will help your business capture qualified, quality leads.

If you’re running search advertising to collect leads, these tips will help take you to the next level.
1. Apply RLSAs to Your Campaigns

Is your business using RSLAs? Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is a powerful feature which uses your website’ remarketing lists to effectively drive leads to your website. Using RLSA bid adjustments allows you to tell Google you are willing to pay some percentage more for the click of a former site visitor.

7 Strategies to Optimize B2C Lead Generation Paid Search Accounts

Here’s how you can get started with RSLAs. Get Started With This RSLA Strategy

Start your RSLA campaign by going broad. First, build an audience of all site visitors that have not converted. Then, apply this to some of your high-traffic ad groups with a bid adjustment of +15%. Typically, you’ll clearly see the increased conversion rate and lower cost per lead in this audience. If you’re finding success, test this out across your whole account.

If you have low site traffic, try setting the duration of your remarketing window to more than 90 days. And remember, set your ad group’s Flexible Reach setting for Interests and Audiences to “Bid Only” to still allow your ads to serve to both former visitors and new visitors.
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