How to Find (and Push) the Right Reputation Review Sites

For most people, the word “Yelp” is synonymous with “reputation review”. And that’s no surprise. This one site contains reviews of almost every type of business you can think of, from restaurants to hotels to tailors to dog walkers. If someone makes money in some kind of business, that business likely has a Yelp review. And since Yelp gathers about 83 million unique mobile visitors per day, it’s easy to assume that anyone looking at a glowing phone screen while in a business is probably either reading or writing on Yelp.

How to Find (and Push) the Right Reputation Review Sites

But not so fast.

Yelp might very well be powerful, and it certainly gets a great deal of traffic. But it isn’t the only review site out there. In fact, it might not even be the most popular site within your market. There are dozens of other sites that do the same sorts of things that Yelp can do, and if you can pinpoint one strong contender within your market, you could boost your local influence, and your local reputation. Yelp Reputation Alternates Let’s start with a look at just a few of the websites knocking on Yelp’s door at the moment.

Google My Business

This website has been through a few name changes in recent years (from Google to Google Places and now Google My Business), but its underlying structure has remained much the same. People can use Google My Businessto get information about your business, such as your hours of operation and your location.
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